beauty bash: honest reviews.

Sticking to my themed post ideas, I had an idea of doing a Beauty Bash post to review the latest in beauty products and any of my current obsessions. I started to do a little research to see what other bloggers were loving at the moment so I could try it out and give my opinion, but it was a little more challenging than I thought. Every single beauty post by my favorite bloggers was either a collaboration or a sponsored post/ad. They all claim to be “honest” reviews, but if some company is paying you cash to review their products, do you really think you’re going to say (or that they’ll allow you to say) something bad? Doubtful. Since I’m not popular or cool enough to get paid to give you my opinions, I’m here to tell you like it is. I’m going to continue to do some research to find beauty obsessions to review for you guys, but in the mean time, check out some of my current faves.

A few months ago, I was on the hunt for a great skin care regimen. I know, I know, I’m pushing 30 and I didn’t already have one…shameful. I have combination and sensitive skin, so knew I needed a gentle wash, a serum that wasn’t too oily and a moisturizer for nighttime that wasn’t too heavy. For years, I used those micro-bead scrubbing face washes that I thought were making my skin squeaky clean, when in fact, they were stripping it like paint remover. No wonder the EPA has since banned the production of them. Yikes. To detox my skin and replace those harsh scrubbers, I found an excellent dead sea clay mask that I use on a weekly basis, but I still needed a face washing routine. I researched for days and, while some seemed liked amazing products, I couldn’t justify the price tags. If I had that much money to spend on a regular basis, I would just say screw it and get botox. It also had to be organic and cruelty-free, which La Mer is not (Just FYI, for all you worshippers!). One day I was wandering around my local TJ Maxx, when I stumbled upon the beauty section and found my new love: Jeffrey James Botanicals. The bottle design was so pretty that it intrigued me and I googled the company. Turns out it was created by an ex-pro football player (interesting) and even without the TJ Maxx markdown, it was reasonably priced, cruelty-free and had great reviews. SOLD! I took it home and have been using it for a couple months now. I can’t say enough great things about it. My skin is moisturized, but not oily, brighter, tighter and oh-so soft. Fine lines are starting to disappear (which I didn’t even think was possible) and my under-eye circles are much less prominent. I actually don’t hate going completely make-up free anymore. If you’re on the hunt for great skincare products, check them out.

And for my newest make-up obsession: Tarte Paint products. I had a birthday about a month ago and my fellow make-up obsessed besties gifted me some Tarte Lip Paint and a mascara sampler box that contained Tarte Lash Paint. Y’all. I was a ColourPop lip color worshipper for a while and I honestly didn’t think they made anything better. I was wrong. Tarte lip paint is gorgeous, easy to apply, feels great and lasts FOREVER. Like, wake-up-on-New-Years-Day-and-still-have-red-lips forever. It’s really that good. They have a ton of gorgeous colors to choose from and they come in different types of finishes (i.e. glossy, creamy matte, quick dry matte, etc.). While it’s slightly more expensive than ColourPop, the price isn’t too bad, the product is double the amount of ounces and I like the convenience of being able to pick it up at my local Sephora/Ulta. Instant-gratification at it’s finest. Just when I think Tarte couldn’t up their game anymore, insert Lash Paint. This mascara glides on smooth, with a jet-black color, that perfectly coats even the smallest of lashes. You can build for more volume and the brush is perfect for eliminating clumps. It lasts all day, with zero smudging or flaking. I was with my husband and some friends the other day and I was telling him how much I loved the eyelash extensions of the other girls at the table and he responded with, “I don’t know; I like how you can wear the false lashes like you have on now and not wear them at other times.” (Adorable that he listens to me about my makeup, right? Love him.) He was dead serious, and I, my friends, was not wearing false eyelashes! Just a few coats of Tarte Lash Paint. YAS. If that’s not an honest review, then I don’t know what is. This product also comes with a great price tag and a great size, especially since a little goes a looooong way. I used that sample size forever and still carry it in my purse for touch ups (which I don’t need, but just make me feel better, ya know?).

So there you have it. My first honest reviews of beauty products. I’ll have more coming at you soon. Oh, and follow my blog for my review of a tea-tox that I’ve been trying out! It’ll be coming in the next few days. Happy Thursday, people!


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