new year. new me. again.

New year, new me. So cliché right? Everyone says that this time of year. And most people don’t think it holds true, yet I look back and every year brings a new me. 2016 was one for the books! I am literally a new person with a new last name. (Well, almost, because changing your last name SUCKS.) But I went from being in a relationship, to moving in together, to getting engaged and eloping–ALL during 2016! Whew! I’ve also changed my career focus drastically. I kept hearing these stories of people quitting their corporate jobs that they hated and pursuing their true passions. Well, now I am one of those people! And damn, it feels good. I won’t give myself all the credit on that one. Without my AMAZING rock of a husband, I would never have the courage to quit the lovely corporate HR world and do something I really and truly love. But my amazing partner pushed me to follow my passion and be my best self. So, here I am!

After an amazing 2016, I have no choice but to follow it up with an even better 2017, right? And this time, I really mean it. I feel like I’ve been saying that about ralph & rosé since 2014 but this year is going to be different. I know it!

So, to start the year off, I’ve decided to theme some of my blog posts. It keeps me focused and allows me to have some routine, which I desperately need to have in my life (Hello, Adult ADHD.) My first theme is going to be Tasty Tuesdays, because FOOD IS LIFE. (And yes, I’m starting on a Tuesday because Mondays suck–especially when both of your fave football teams play their conference championship games on Sunday AND WIN! Houston bound, baby!) I chose this yummy theme because pride myself on being able to find the best new restaurants in the city and to also be able to follow a recipe like a pro.

My first Tasty Tuesday blog is going to be a little boring, because I didn’t think of this theme sooner and I didn’t take a single photo of the place I want to review. BAD BLOGGER. However, the restaurant only gets about 3 stars in my book anyway and photos of the food probably wouldn’t have helped. This place is Taco Cowboy in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood. Originally this was one of two Noché locations that was shut down during the massive Here2Serve restaurant closings. More recently, it had opened as the new concept of Tom Catherall (founder of the H2S restaurant group) called TomTom. Why they changed it again, I’ll never know. The hubs and I LOVED TomTom! It was only open for a few months and yet, we visited it three times. That’s out of the norm for us because we love trying new places and we rarely venture over to the VaHi-hood. But it was really THAT good! It had more of the Spanish-vibes that I loved about Noché (i.e. wood-grilled octopus and hot chili seafood), and less of the Tex-Mex kind of thing going on (i.e. trailer park tacos and guacamole). Well, they’ve completely switched that up now. The menu almost exactly resembles the original Noché one, with tacos and margaritas being the main theme. It was pretty busy for going early on a Friday evening (we went before seeing a show at Smith’s) and the service was pretty good. Our drinks were pretty good, although slightly overpriced IMO. If you’re looking for a Tex-Mex restaurant with a great vibe in a great location with foods that’s only slightly above Tin Lizzy’s in quality and imagination, then this is your place. Personally, I miss the more adventurous TomTom concept they had for those few short months and I’d love to know what went wrong.

Next up, a review of Il Localino in Inman Park. This little Italian place has bomb reviews and I can’t wait to see for myself! And tomorrow, another theme called “What I Want Wednesdays” to showcase whatever I’m currently coveting at the moment.


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