life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

Hey y’all! Fall is officially in full swing and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The temps have FINALLY started dropping, PSL lattes are back, there’s a crisp breeze in the air (well, sometimes) and Christmas seasonal decorations are selling in stores everywhere. Ahhh, all is well. The month of October is filled with everything that is right in the world (i.e. boots, football, pumpkin everything) and we get to cap it off with one of the greatest holidays of all–HALLOWEEN. Since childhood, I have always loved the idea of dressing up as whatever I wanted and trying to make it as authentic as possible. However, as we all have experienced, sometimes that can get a little pricey. And, while it is only one day out of the year, it falls on the the day before going-broke season (a.k.a. the holidays) so it’s always helpful to spend as little as possible.

I know they make those plastic bags filled with items for pretty much any costume you can think of and, although its a convenient thought, does anyone actually fit into those things? I mean, I’ve tried many times but I feel like one size is made for a toddler and then the next size up is ginormous. On top of the sizing issue, there are always key costume items missing. Sometimes because someone stole them while trying the outfit on at Halloween Express (RUDE.) and sometimes because it’s just not originally included in the bag. And finally, how overpriced are these pieces of flammable material?! Yikes. On top of being overpriced, I usually have to add items (shoes, most importantly) to make the outfit complete. Nope.

I pride myself on being one hell of thrifty shopper at all times and I also pride myself on being able to find anything I want. Those perfect booties I saw on a girl at the nail salon? Found ’em. A great (faux) leather biker jacket that doesn’t cost an entire month’s salary but doesn’t look like it came from the gum-ball machine? Nailed it. With these two talents of mine, I enjoy putting together the perfect costume from random items. Some I purchase and some I happen to already have in my closet, but it always works out well. This year, I’ve decided to be Sandy from Grease (the bad one, obvs) and I have my handsome fiancé dressing up as Danny (Thanks, baby! You da best.) I’ve strategically pulled together all the items I need, down to the red shoes, and I cannot wait to wear it. I’ve linked some similar items to what I’m wearing and all of these items together cost about $75! I looked up the Sandy costume in out of those baggy things and it was $65+ and only had the shirt, pants and belt. I bet your bag would be missing the belt and the pants would look superrrrr cute, too. NOT.

Anyone else enjoy piecing together the perfect costume? Or would you rather just buy the bag and be done with it? And what’s everyone going to be this year? Only about 3 weeks to go! Oh, and if anyone knows a good way to get Sandy’s curls without sleeping in sponge-rollers from my competitive cheerleading days I would greatly appreciate it. Please and thanks!

xx- j

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| Heels | Faux Leather Pants | Belt | Gold Hoop Earrings | Off-the-shoulder Top |

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