tasty tuesday: il localino.

Can y’all believe it’s almost February?! The first month of 2017 has completely flown by and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The weather here in Atlanta has been all over the map — 75 degrees to 32 degrees to 64 degrees to snow to tornados and everywhere in between. How is someone supposed to dress for weather like that?! I say we just forget the rest of winter and bring on spring. I guess we’ll find out in a couple days when Mr. Groundhog decides our fate.


Last week, in my Tasty Tuesday post, I told you guys I was going to visit the Il Localino, an Italian restaurant in Inman Park that has been around for quite a few years. I read Yelp reviews on this place that had me dying to check it out for myself. Reviews about hats, disco balls, conga lines, limoncello shots, free meatballs and the best Italian food in Atlanta. Well, I don’t know if we went on a bad night or not, but pretty much none of that happened. And ($200+ later) I am less than impressed. We had no issues making a reservation the day before for 8:30pm on Friday night. We wanted to go a little later because, according to others, that’s when the party starts. We walked in and were brought to the bar to have a drink before we were sat. What’s the point of a reservation then? I understand a couple minutes wait, but long enough to bring us to the bar is a little annoying. However, I wasn’t too worried because that just meant we would be here later and really get to see this party atmosphere! The bar was cute and the bartender was very knowledgeable. Prosecco for me and a great negroni for the hubs. While sitting at the bar, I got to look around and really appreciate the restaurant feel and decor. Photos covered every inch of wall space, lanterns and a disco ball hung from every inch of the ceiling, some crazy hats hung on a hat rack, and although it seemed small, there were quite a few tables and also a back room that I didn’t really check out. On first impression, it definitely screamed party. The manager/owner(?) was extremely nice and brought us to our table once it was ready. We started with olives and cheese, warm bread and calamari. Everything was good, but absolutely not worth the price. Nearly $10 for some olives and slices of parmesan? $14 for a so-so portion of calamari? Meh. Not impressed. We ordered the bottle-of-the-month wine, which was good but was the cheapest bottle on the menu and, for $40, not nearly good enough. For entrees, I ordered the $25 spaghetti and meatballs and the hubs had the $24 sausage and peppers. Extremely overpriced and very underwhelming. It was good, don’t get me wrong. But best Italian in Atlanta? H-E-double-hockey-sticks-NO. We spent more at Il Localino than we did at Dolce at the Shops of Buckhead and their food/atmosphere was worth the prices. And as for the party/free shots/conga line? Nada. We got a small taste of limoncello, the most upbeat song they played all night was Kiss by Prince and no one danced or donned a crazy hat. Boooooo. All in all, when I want a cozy atmosphere and (IMHO) the best Italian in Atlanta, I’ll stick to Pasta da Pulcinella in Midtown. That place is awesome, adorable and absolutely delicious.

Have you been to Il Localino and had a different experience? Or is there anywhere you’d recommend that we check out? Let me know in the comments. And come back tomorrow to see what I am currently coveting!


Note: Images via Yelp, Scoutmob and my own.

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