what i want wednesday: condo remodel

After much debate, condo showing, house shopping and a little heartbreak, the hubs and I have decided to stay in our one bedroom condo in Midtown. We both love our location and being right in the middle of the action. We get to be close to Piedmont Park, the coveted Beltline, MARTA, shops, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, fitness studios and so much more. The issue is the space. With two people and two pups, it’s getting a little cramped. And it’s not necessarily the actual size (it’s about 1000 sq ft, which is large for a 1/1 condo), but it’s the utilization of the space. We’ve both come to realize that we have a lot of unused, awkward space that we could be using better. So, the compromise to staying in our condo for a couple more years is that we will remodel. We have family coming to stay in April, but we want to start the renovations as soon as their visit is over so we’ve started compiling ideas for exactly what we want. I should probably say that I’VE been compiling ideas for what we want and just showing them to him, but whatever, you know what I mean. Keep scrolling for the ideas I have so far.

Kitchen remodel: We have a decent sized kitchen with a surprisingly large amount of cabinet space, however the space feels smaller because of the colors. We want to refinish (hopefully) or replace our cabinets and countertops to feel lighter and more modern. We currently have a walnut colored cabinet, with black countertops and backsplash. I love the clean, modern look of sleek white cabinets with dark countertops and backsplash.

Floors: We recently found out that underneath our rough looking hardwoods lies a smooth concrete floor. And what is more modern and sleek than a gorgeous stained concrete floor?! We’re debating colors, but I’m leaning towards a slightly darker grey stain, to keep with the color scheme we’re aiming for. Highly durable, easy to maintain and relatively cheap for us to do (considering we already have the floors underneath)…what more could we ask for?

Bathroom remodel: We have a surprisingly large bathroom that needs to be reworked to make more sense. We want a double vanity with lots of storage, that sticks to the same theme as our kitchen. Right now, we have a treacherous bathtub/shower combo that is terrifying to get in and out of and causes more bruises than bar stools on a Friday night in Buckhead. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost fell getting in or out and whacked my shin on the side. Not a good look in the summer time. We also have this weird waste of space in between our toilet and our vanity that currently just holds two laundry baskets. I am dreaming of a gorgeous soaker tub to fill that space. I know all of this can be done! I’ve seen Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper enough times to know that we have plenty of room.

Interior Doors: We have a lot of doors in our condo. Closet doors, two bathroom doors, bedroom door, laundry room door…so many doors. And if you don’t already know, doors take up a lot of space. So annoying. However, there is a solution! Pocket doors. We have one pocket door on our bedroom that gives us back so much room and I want to do all of our other doors like this. I am digging the frosted glass pocket doors. We only have one huge wall of glass windows in our condo so adding these frosted glass doors should allow more light to come into the darker spaces. For an industrial yet modern touch, I love the idea of the sliding barn glass doors for the spaces like closets and our laundry room. I think it gives it a more visually-appealing look, while also still saving us the space.

Living room storage remodel: Another main issue with the size of our condo is the amount of storage. Currently, we rent a storage space but we’d love to get rid of that sometime this year. Some of it is furniture from when we moved in together that needs to be sold, but a lot of it is Christmas decorations, books, and other things we’d like to display on shelves or store in our condo. We both have decent sized closets (that will also get custom re-works, but that’s a whole ‘nother post) and one pretty good sized storage closet, but we would love some built in shelves and cabinets to really utilize the size of our living room. The other thing that I dream of having is a fireplace (Yes, I live in Atlanta, but I’m from Connecticut and I miss fires during those 4 nights a year it gets cold here, thankyouverymuch.) so we’d like to add one of those electric fireplaces that give off heat and will give our modern space a little coziness. Oh, and obviously a space to mount the macho big screen because marriage. Even though the photo below is a bedroom, I’m really loving what they did with the wall.

So, there you have it. What I’m currently coveting is basically an entire new condo. *Sigh* Once we start really getting these renovations into motion, I’ll be sure to let you in on light fixtures, tables, couches, etc. that I’m lusting over. I cannot WAIT to get started!


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